Is Every Door Direct Mail® Great for Small Businesses?

Every Door Direct Mail is Great for Small Businesses

Key Takeaways:

  • Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a hassle-free direct mail solution that allows businesses to target specific neighborhoods and mailing routes. With low postage rates and no need for mailing lists, EDDM® is a cost-effective way to reach new customers and promote your business.
  • EDDM® offers a range of features that make it easy to design and order compliant postcards, including a variety of sizes and finishes, USPS guidelines for mailing dimensions, and personalized messaging to target your ideal audience.
  • By focusing on one main purpose and implementing effective design tips, businesses can craft an impactful EDDM® postcard that speaks directly to their target market. With the convenience of downloading postcard templates, an easy printing and ordering process, and fast turnaround times, businesses can get their EDDM® postcards in as soon as 1 business day.

Every Door Direct Mail®: A Hassle-Free Direct Mail Solution

As a business owner, finding the right marketing approach can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s vital to choose a solution that delivers tangible results without requiring too much effort. That’s where Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) comes in. EDDM is a hassle-free direct mail solution that lets you reach your target audience without the hassle of obtaining mailing lists or permits. In this section, I’ll cover everything you need to know about EDDM, from its features to the benefits it can bring to your business.

What is Every Door Direct Mail® ?

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a hassle-free and cost-effective direct mail solution for businesses to target specific areas and reach potential customers without the need for mailing lists or permit fees. This service offered by USPS allows businesses to select neighborhoods and zip codes that fit their target audience and send out postcards or printed materials to every door in that area.

This service is also beneficial for small businesses or startups with a limited marketing budget as it eliminates the need for purchasing mailing lists, permits, or addressing every recipient. The USPS carries the materials directly to targeted regions, reducing the time required for delivery while saving on postage costs.

Unique features of EDDM® include wide coverage, no need for addressing every recipient, no minimum quantity requirement, and lower postage rates compared to traditional direct mail campaigns.

Crafting an effective EDDM® postcard requires focusing on one main purpose and keeping the message simple yet impactful. Additionally, designing an eye-catching card, personalizing message and images according to target market can go a long way in making the campaign successful.

The idea of EDDM® was initiated in response to market demand by businesses seeking an easier and more affordable way to promote their products. It has since grown popular among small-scale entrepreneurs who want to maximize marketing strategies through minimal investment.

EDDM® features: The perfect solution for businesses with a knack for targeted advertising.

Features of EDDM®

EDDM® offers a variety of features that make it an ideal direct mail solution for businesses.

  • Targeted geographical mailing based on zip codes or postal routes
  • No mailing list or permit requirements
  • Cost-effective pricing, starting at 18.6 cents per piece
  • Large size options for postcards up to 12″x15″
  • Different finishes available, including glossy and matte

In addition to these key features of EDDM®, businesses can also benefit from the option to select their target market based on criteria such as age, income, and household size.

Pro Tip: Utilize the versatility of EDDM® to create targeted messages for specific demographics within your selected area.

Using EDDM® for your business is like having a personal mailman deliver your message to every doorstep – without the awkward small talk.

Benefits of using EDDM® for businesses

Using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can be highly beneficial for businesses in multiple ways.

  • Reach a large audience at an affordable cost with EDDM, which allows you to mail up to 5,000 postcards per day without the added expense of mailing lists and permits.
  • Target specific demographics or geographical locations based on your business needs, helping you to make the most of your marketing budget.
  • Create unique and personalized messages that resonate with your target market by using variable data printing options available with EDDM postcards.
  • Increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty by using beautifully designed, high-quality postcards that stand out from the competition.
  • Streamline your direct mail campaign process by eliminating the need for addresses or mailing lists, allowing you to focus solely on crafting an effective message and design.
  • Track the success of your EDDM campaign through response rates, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators, helping you refine your marketing strategy for even greater results.

Businesses can benefit from using EDDM in many ways as it offers affordability, targeting capabilities, personalization options and streamlines campaigns. If done rightly, it has the potential to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty while providing valuable insight into campaign effectiveness.

It’s important to note that when using EDDM®, retail indicia is required on all pieces. This indicia shows that postage has been paid and is essential for efficient processing by USPS.

According to an article titled ‘Every Door Direct Mail®: A Hassle-Free Direct Mail Solution,’ published on website.

Printing EDDM® postcards just got easier: follow these guidelines for stress-free mailing.

EDDM® Postcard Printing Guidelines

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of efficient and cost-effective advertising to reach potential customers. That’s why I highly recommend Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) postcard printing, which is a valuable marketing tool for local and national businesses. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the EDDM® postcard printing guidelines to ensure that your campaign is a success.

We’ll explore the various sizes available for EDDM® postcards and examine the dimension guidelines outlined by the USPS EDDM® page. Additionally, we’ll share insights about the different finishes available for EDDM® postcards to help you create a professional and eye-catching postcard for your business.

Sizes available for EDDM® postcards

When it comes to sizes available for EDDM® postcards, businesses have several options to choose from. It’s essential to select the right size that would convey the marketing message effectively. The USPS recommends three sizes for EDDM® postcards; these are oversized, foldable, and standard sizes.

In the table below, we’ve provided accurate dimensions according to USPS guidelines. Please note that if your postcard doesn’t meet these standards, it may incur additional postal fees or may not be accepted at all.

SizeMinimum DimensionsMaximum Dimensions
Oversized6.25″ x 9″8.5″ x 14″
Foldable4″x 5.5″12″x15″

It’s crucial to follow USPS requirements when creating EDDM® postcards to ensure they reach their target audience successfully. Besides adhering to dimensional requirements, businesses must focus on the visual aspects—such as using high-quality images, fonts, and colors.

It’s worth noting that oversized cards tend to attract more attention than standard-sized ones while foldable options give businesses more creative freedom when designing their direct mail campaigns.

According to the USPS website, “Standard-size pieces receive postage discounts not available for flat-size pieces.” Therefore, choose your card size wisely based on your budget and clients’ interests.

True fact: According to a recent survey conducted by Valassis in 2019, over half of consumers preferred coupons sent directly through their mailbox compared to those sent via email or text messages. Get the dimensions right or risk sending your postcards into a black hole with these USPS EDDM® guidelines.

Dimension guidelines according to the USPS EDDM® page

USPS EDDM® page provides dimension guidelines to ensure that your postcards comply with USPS requirements for Every Door Direct Mail. The dimensions vary based on the size of the postcard.

Postcard SizeDimension Guidelines
Small (6.25 x 9 inches)Minimum size: 6.125 x 8.75 inches
Maximum size: 6.25 x 9 inches
Medium (8.5 x11 inches)Minimum size: 8.5 x11 inches
Maximum size: none- variable sizes are allowed within this range.
Large (12×15 inches)Minimum size: 11×14 inches
Maximum size: 12×15 inches

It’s important to follow these guidelines to be sure that your direct mail marketing campaign is processed and distributed correctly by USPS.

To adhere to USPS regulations, ensure that you leave a blank space at the bottom right corner of your postcard measuring at least two and three-quarters from the right edge and one inch from the bottom edge of the printed side.

When printing double-sided postcards, the mailing side must contain a “Postal Customer” or “ECRWSS” box in place of stamps or indicia, alongside an address block containing recipient information.

For best quality results, print using high-quality paper stock between thicknesses of .007 to .016 inch with a matte or glossy finish on both sides.

A business owner was able to save time and streamline their direct mail marketing campaign by following USPS EDDM® page guidelines and ordering compliant postcards.

Give your EDDM® postcards some flair with these available finishes – because who said direct mail has to be boring?

Available finishes for EDDM® postcards

EDDM® postcards offer a variety of finishes to choose from, allowing businesses to customize the look of their direct mail pieces according to their preferred style.

The table below shows the available finishes for EDDM® postcards:

GlossyProvides a shiny, reflective finish that pops and highlights the colors and images on the postcard.
MatteHas a non-glossy finish that gives off a subtle and elegant vibe while reducing glare.
UV CoatingAdds an extra layer of gloss to specific parts of the card, creating a contrast between shiny and matte areas.
Silk LaminatedSmooth to touch with a luxurious feel that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Businesses could also opt for custom shapes, sizes or rounded edges for added appeal.

For businesses who want their direct mail pieces to stand out, unique finishing options like Spot UV coating or Foil Stamping is available.

Overall, choosing the right finish is crucial in representing your brand image effectively through EDDM® Postcards.

A company once tried out different finishes on their EDDM® postcards and found that glossy finish led to better response rates as it grabbed attention more effectively than duller finishes.

Craft the perfect postcard message to get your EDDM® noticed and boost your business.

EDDM® Postcards: Crafting an Effective Direct Mail Message

Crafting an effective direct mail message is crucial to the success of any EDDM® postcard campaign. When creating your postcard, it’s important to focus on one clear purpose, and everything from the design to the message should support that singular goal. To achieve this, you can utilize design tips that not only grab attention but also communicate your purpose effectively. Additionally, personalizing the message and images according to your target market boosts the overall effectiveness of your postcard campaign. With these tricks up my sleeve, I am excited to share how you can create an impactful and profitable EDDM® postcard campaign.

Importance of focusing on one main purpose

To effectively reach customers, it is vital to understand the importance of having a clear purpose in your direct mail messaging. By honing in on one main objective, businesses can create concise and effective messages that resonate with their target market. This also allows for better tracking and evaluation of campaign performance.

When crafting an EDDM® postcard, it’s important to focus on one central goal or call-to-action. A cluttered or disorganized message can confuse potential clients and undermine the purpose of the mailing. Using attention-grabbing headlines, clear graphics, and limited text helps to reinforce the primary message and drive engagement.

In addition to avoiding mixed messaging, focusing on a single objective can help to personalize the outreach efforts by catering directly to your intended audience. Understanding what motivates them and tailoring your offer or call-to-action accordingly will generate a higher response rate which leads to increased sales or leads.

To achieve maximum effectiveness when implementing this strategy, consider A/B testing different versions of the postcard with slight variations in images or language. This enables businesses to determine which strategies are most impactful and hone in on what resonates best with their audience.

By taking steps like these, companies will reap the benefits of crystal-clear messaging that results in increased response rates, generating greater ROI from direc mail campaigns using Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®).

Make your EDDM® postcard stand out with these design tips that will make your competitors jealous!

Design tips for an effective EDDM® postcard

To create an impactful EDDM® postcard, these Design tips for an effective EDDM® postcard must be followed.

  • Use a catchy headline that resonates with the target audience and highlights the key message of the campaign.
  • Incorporate vibrant colors and eye-catching images to grab attention.
  • Ensure that the content is concise and easy to read in order to promote engagement.
  • Leave sufficient white space around the content to prevent it from appearing cluttered or overcrowded.
  • Consider using unique shapes or sizes for your EDDM® postcards to stand out from other mail pieces in your customer’s mailbox.
  • Add a clear call-to-action (CTA) so that recipients know exactly what they are expected to do after reading your postcard.

Additionally, when designing an EDDM® postcard, it is essential to consider personalizing it according to your target market’s needs. Ensure that the message and images used on the postcards resonate with your intended audience.

Regarding Design Tips for an Effective EDDM® Postcard, it is crucial to follow best practices as poor design could hinder your campaigns’ success. By incorporating design tips such as vivid colors, relevant imagery, and a clear CTA, you can increase engagement and boost response rates in your marketing strategy.

Tailor your EDDM® postcards to your audience for the ultimate direct mail punch.

Personalizing the message and images according to your target market

Crafting personalized messages and images that resonate with your target market is crucial to the success of Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) campaigns. By analyzing your customers’ demographics, psychographics, and behavior patterns, you can adapt your content to their specific interests, pain points, and needs. This granular approach enables you to create a relevant and meaningful communication that builds trust and loyalty with your audience.

To implement personalization effectively in EDDM® postcards, consider using variable data printing technology that allows you to customize each piece of mail with individual names, locations, offers, or other parameters. Additionally, use visually compelling imagery that reflects the preferences and values of your primary segmentation group. Aesthetic choices such as colors, fonts, shapes, and layouts can also convey distinct brand personalities and emotions that appeal to different consumer groups.

Moreover, don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages prospects to take an action like visiting your website or physical store, calling a number or downloading a coupon. The CTA should be aligned with the objective of the campaign and provide tangible benefits for the targeted audience. By creating a sense of urgency or scarcity in your offer’s language or expiration date, you can increase conversions rates and avoid losing potential customers.

In short, personalizing EDDM® postcards based on customer insights is a powerful way of engaging with consumers at scale while maintaining relevancy and impactfulness. By investing in quality data analysis software and partnering with experienced printing vendors like USPS-approved companies such as PFL®, businesses can leverage this direct mail solution for enhanced customer acquisition and retention results.

Get your EDDM® postcards in a snap with our hassle-free ordering process.

Ordering EDDM® Compliant Postcards: Easy and Convenient

As a business owner, I’m always on the lookout for effective marketing strategies that can help me reach a larger audience. That’s why I was thrilled to learn about the benefits of Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) for my business. Ordering EDDM® compliant postcards has never been easier thanks to the availability of postcard templates and mailing guides that can be downloaded from the EDDM® website. The printing and ordering process is also straightforward and seamless. It’s amazing that I can have finished EDDM® postcards in my hands in as few as 1 business day, which is crucial for getting my message out quickly.

Downloading postcard templates and mailing guides

To access the EDDM® postcard templates and mailing guides, businesses can conveniently ‘Download’ them from the official USPS website. Doing this allows designers to optimize their designs in accordance with regulations set by the USPS.

Here is a simple 3-step guide to ‘Downloading postcard templates and mailing guides’:

  1. Visit the EDDM page on the USPS website.
  2. Click on “Download Templates” that suit your needs.
  3. Open downloaded files into Adobe Suite or any preferred design software of choice, so you can make custom changes to ensure compliance with USPS guidelines.

USPS provides an essential use-case that covers graphic design professionals of all levels in the publishing industry. Graphic designers or business owners who want to deploy professional-looking postcards should download these templates to make a lasting impact quickly and efficiently.

Businesses should understand EDDM® requirements, especially regarding downloadable postcard templates and mailing guides before getting started. The templates available for businesses may come with different file formats besides being printable in various sizes. Understanding these allowable printing dimensions along with other critical instructions will provide guidelines for designing effective EDDM® postcards.

Don’t miss out on maximizing the benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail®! Downloading EDDM® retail indicia requirement and using correct file formats help ensure delivery without hassle. Get started today by downloading postcard templates and mailing guides from USPS website then create attractive cards that stand out among competitors!

Ordering EDDM® compliant postcards has never been easier- hassle-free and convenient printing and ordering process.

Printing and ordering process

Orders for EDDM® compliant postcards can be easily and conveniently processed through online printing services. Here we will explain the steps of the process, from uploading your design to receiving finished postcards:

  1. First, choose a printing service that is certified by USPS to ensure your postcards are EDDM® compliant.
  2. You will have options to select the size of your postcard and its finish (glossy or matte).
  3. The next step is to upload your design file and make sure it adheres to USPS guidelines.
  4. After reviewing your final design preview, choose your mailing route(s) and quantity before placing an order.

Once ordered, you can expect to receive finished EDDM® postcards in as little as one business day. If you need assistance with design or other aspects of the process, many printing services offer support options.

It is important to note that while the ordering process for EDDM® postcards is straightforward, it is crucial to follow USPS guidelines for all aspects of mail preparation including labeling and addressing.

From design to doorstep in 24 hours: EDDM® postcards are the express lane to

your customers’ mailboxes.

Getting finished EDDM® postcards in as soon as 1 business day

With EDDM®, businesses can get finished postcards delivered in as soon as 1 business day. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a reliable printing company that offers EDDM® compliant postcards.
  2. Design your postcard using the available templates and mailing guides. Make sure it meets USPS guidelines.
  3. Upload your design and other necessary information to the printing company’s website.
  4. Select the shipping option that suits you best, pay online, and wait for your finished EDDM® postcards to arrive in as soon as 1 business day

It should be noted that turnaround times may vary depending on factors such as order volume, location, and shipping method. Printing companies offering EDDM® postcard services provide their customers with expert advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring total compliance with USPS regulations for a hassle-free experience.

One unique detail worth mentioning is that some printing companies offer additional services such as direct mail fulfillment, which involves printing the EDDM® postcards and conducting the actual mail drop to USPS stations for an even faster delivery of marketing messages to target audiences.

For instance, Jane was thrilled to learn about a printing company’s same-day EDDM® delivery service. She had a last-minute event to promote and needed her postcards delivered fast. With this service, she uploaded her design after midnight on Wednesday and received her finished postcards at noon on Thursday – just in time for her event on Friday!

Got questions about EDDM® postcards? We’ve got answers faster than your local postman.

FAQs about EDDM® Postcards

Throughout my experience in the business world, I’ve come across many marketing strategies, but one that has stood out to me is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). As businesses consider incorporating EDDM into their marketing efforts, I’ve noticed that there are some common questions that arise. In this part of the article, we’ll explore two FAQs about EDDM postcards.

  1. Firstly, we’ll cover the EDDM retail indicia requirement, which is a crucial aspect to consider before proceeding with this marketing strategy.
  2. Then, we’ll discuss the available file formats for postcard templates and mailing guides, which can help businesses streamline their EDDM campaigns.

What is the EDDM® retail indicia requirement?

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) requires a retail indicia to be affixed to each EDDM® piece. The retail indicia serves as the postage payment and identifies the mailer who paid for the postage. It is essential to follow USPS guidelines to ensure that the retail indicia complies with regulations, allowing efficient and hassle-free delivery.

Compliance with the EDDM® retail indicia requirement is crucial in avoiding mail rejection or postage due charges, which may hinder your marketing strategy’s effectiveness. Retail Indicia templates are available on the USPS website for businesses using in-house software or third-party suppliers’ services.

Avoid using generic designs or images on your postcards as they can impact the quality of your postal items and delay delivery. The EDDM® retail indicia requirement should always match its assigned postal route targeting a specific audience, reducing mailing costs while reaching a broader target audience effectively.

It is imperative to communicate every detail of your intended campaign with your EDDM® printing provider because compliance with all USPS requirements concerning retail indicia will provide an effective end product for your marketing needs.

File formats are like door locks, use the right one or you’ll be locked out – luckily, EDDM® offers multiple options for templates and mailing guides.

What are the available file formats for postcard templates and mailing guides?

The available file formats for postcard templates and mailing guides depend upon the requirements of EDDM®. These file formats are compatible with various designing software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and PDF.

File FormatDesign Applications
PDF (Portable Document Format)Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word Online, Google Docs, Apple Preview
JPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)Adobe Photoshop, Apple Preview, Microsoft Paint/Photos
TIF/TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)Adobe Photoshop, Apple Preview

It is essential to follow the dimension guidelines provided by USPS while creating the file formats mentioned above. The recommended size for Every Door Direct Mail® advertising is between 6.25″ x 9″ and 8.5″ x 14″.

Businesses can quickly order hassle-free EDDM® compliant postcards as well as download free templates and mailing guides from various printing companies like PrintRunner.

A unique detail to consider when ordering EDDM® compliant postcards is that they require an EDDM® retail indicia. As specified on USPS guidelines, this postal indicia replaces Postage Permit and confirms that the mailer has paid the required fees.

According to, over one million businesses use Every Door Direct Mail®, making it a popular direct mail solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to attract potential clients within their local areas.

Conclusion: EDDM® is Great for Businesses

EDDM® – A Powerful Advertising Tool for Businesses

EDDM®, also known as Every Door Direct Mail, has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy for businesses. This direct mail service from USPS enables businesses to reach their target audience without the need for mailing lists or specific addresses. Using EDDM® enables businesses to save time and money on advertising campaigns.

The key advantage of EDDM® is its versatility. With EDDM®, businesses can send mailers, postcards or flyers to targeted locations, neighborhoods or zip codes. This ensures that the advertising material reaches a large number of potential customers in the desired location. No minimum quantities are required, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

One of the unique selling points of EDDM® is the retail response rate. According to USPS, EDDM® has a 14.9% average response rate, which is significantly higher than other print advertising channels. This is because EDDM® targets a specific audience with advertising materials that appeal to their interests and needs.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. EDDM® allows businesses to create a lasting impression with potential customers. The ability to customize the mailer with brand visuals and eye-catching designs captures the attention of potential customers, making them more likely to consider the services or products offered.

Five Facts About Every Door Direct Mail Great For Businesses:

  • ✅ Every Door Direct Mail® allows businesses to reach specific demographics at affordable rates by using the USPS mapping tool. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Every Door Direct Mail® eliminates the need for a mailing list or postage permit. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ UPrinting offers EDDM®-compliant postcards in a variety of sizes, including oversized and tri-fold menus. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ EDDM® postcards can be printed on durable 14 pt. or 16 pt. stock with a choice of matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV finish. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Crafting an effective direct mail message involves sticking to one main purpose, formulating a design strategy, and personalizing the message to match the chosen demographic. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Every Door Direct Mail Great For Businesses

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) and how is it great for businesses?

Every Door Direct Mail is a direct mail strategy that enables businesses to reach a specific demographic at affordable rates. By using demographic data like age range and household income, businesses can use the USPS mapping tool to select the postal route that fits their potential customer profile. EDDM® is an effective tool for promoting business and expanding market reach without the need to upload a mailing list or include a postage permit.

What are the requirements for the safe zone, trim line, and bleed in EDDM® postcard printing?

The safe zone should not include any important details, text, or images beyond its green dotted area. The trim line determines where the final design will be cut; only the background color of your artwork should be seen here, but nothing in the safe zone. The bleed should include the background of your artwork, up until the edge of this area. This is crucial for designs that extend up to the edge of your final size.

What is the importance of a design strategy for EDDM® postcards?

A design strategy is essential for developing an effective EDDM® postcard. The message should appeal to the target demographic and be readable in one glance, with a clear call-to-action. Personalized messages and images can be used to appeal to the target market, and color, tone, and images can be aligned with demographic data to make the postcard more attractive to the intended audience.

What are some postcard printing tips for creating high-quality EDDM® postcards?

Some tips for printing high-quality EDDM® postcards include using durable stocks, using standard EDDM® retail indicia or including your indicia on your artwork file, bundling in sets of 100, and using available templates and mailing guides. Matte, gloss, and high-gloss UV finishes are also available to enhance the visual appeal of your postcard.

What are some direct mail postcard ideas for businesses?

Some direct mail postcard ideas for businesses include promoting a new product line or store opening, announcing a realtor’s next open house, or greeting both old and new customers during the holidays. The postcard’s message should be simple, clear, and focused on the intended purpose, aimed at guiding the recipient toward the desired action or call-to-action.

What is the trademark status of EDDM® and EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL®?

EDDM® and EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service. However, UPrinting is an independent provider of Every Door Direct Mail® products that are not associated with nor sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

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