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Use rack cards to reach customers on the go!

Rack cards are the ultimate marketing material for businesses, which are targeting travelers, non-locals and customers on the go. Such businesses include, but are not limited to, spa, galleries, travel agencies, restaurants, exhibition halls, photo studios etc.

They are best used for price lists, takeout menus, event promotions, short notice offers, calendars and more.

CheapPostcards Printing for Dallas, TX and Austin, TX uses their extensive knowledge for all industries to help you find the most suitable rack card for your business.

We have some helpful tips on how to best design your rack card, so it sparks interest and creates action.

1. Who is your target client? – define your ideal client profile and design the card to fit this profile

2. What is their pain point or desire? – what your clients looking for – solve a problem or just enrich their lifestyle? Once you know that, use their language. Tell them how your offer can help them and what results it achieves

3. Catch them with a headline – create a short and powerful headline, which makes them read further without a question

4. Keep it simple – do not overwhelm with too much text. Stick to benefits and results and present in bullet points like a list

5. Use inspirational photos but stick to your brand – use photos or colors, which support and highlight your brand and leave a lasting memory with the reader

6. Tell them what to do – inspire for action. Tell them what the next step is – call a number, visit a website, cut a portion of the rack card and present it, visit a place and present the rack card.

Make your rack cards stylish, easy to understand and simple to follow, and you are sure to get raving clients after all. A little bigger than a business card, but definitely smaller than a magazine, your rack cards are true road to success, when designed, printed and placed strategically. You will be able to leave your rack cards at places with large traffic of potential customers and using us as your design and printing partner will ensure they will be picked up in no time.

At CheapPostcards.net we offer two sizes for your rack cards – 3.5”x8.5” and 4”x9”. You can choose from Matte, UV High Gloss or both for your rack card coating.

If you are struggling to come up with a design and layout, simply let us do the work. Custom Design will ensure that your rack cards stands out and make it to the hands of your potential clients.

Your business is meant to stand out from the crowd and so are your rack cards. Trust CheapPostcards.net printing in Dallas, TX with your order and you will never look back.

If you are uncertain where to start and which option to choose, just call us and we will help you get on the way to your next rack cards order

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